Snowville Adventure

In Snowville it snows quite frequently!

Watch it snow from our magic street lamps, take a slide down Blizzard the Yeti’s sledding expedition, bounce in the worlds tallest inflatable bounce house, watch our themed Christmas projector show, and meet Chilly the snowman, our live interactive snowman, for a few shows a night, who will meet and greet you from his igloo!

Blizzard the Yeti’s sledding expedition

Blizzard the Yeti’s Sledding Expedition

Grab a sled (young and old) and climb this one of a kind inflatable to sled down Blizzard’s mountain on a roller sled. No mess, no snow, all FUN!

Chilly the snowman

Chilly the Snowman

This show runs a few times nightly and will be the talk of your trip! Chilly the snowman will interact with the crowd, tell jokes, and meet YOU, or special guests! He has taken over Frosty the Showman’s stage and wants to be the star of the show! It’s not every day that you get to meet a snowman!

Little Reindeer playground

Little Reindeer playground

Enter the little reindeer play area under a giant inflatable reindeer for smaller kids to climb and slide down one of 2 slides in a magical reindeer area with lots of light up reindeer.

Carolina Christmas Adventure 2023
Carolina Christmas Adventure 2023